Neighborhood Stabilization Overlay (NSO) Overview

In November 9, 2005, the Dallas City Council adopted Ordinance No. 26161 which established the NSO Neighborhood Stabilization Overlay for single family neighborhoods.  This was done in response to concerns by neighborhood organizations that the process for initiating, processing and public hearings to create protective zoning for neighborhoods could take as long as three years. They also felt that many neighborhoods did not need the multiple regulations involved in an Historic District or a Conservation District. The NSO was created to speed up the process and to provide minimal restrictions to ensure that neighborhood character would not be violated. The Neighborhood Stabilization Overlay, or NSO, is just that: an overlay.  It overlies the base zoning and adds additional restrictions to that zoning.  Those additional restrictions apply to front yard, corner side yard, and side yard setbacks; garage location, placement and connection, and height. Our neighbors of the Cedar Oaks HOA have an overlay in place (approved in March 2008) which modifies and further defines allowable setbacks, garage location and severability rules as well as occupancy restrictions and building permits not to be issued unless the property is in compliance with the overlay.

BCE HOA NSO Committee

The BCE HOA NSO Committee has been formed and is overseen by Alicia Quintans. As the Committee keeps following the guidelines and steps set forth by the process, you may follow Alicia's notes and progress reports on the Facebook group page.