BCE Ad 1926

The Development: 1926

The year 1926 marked a renewed sales campaign by S.A. Temple, as he continued to develop the Beckley Club subdivision. During the Spring, the developer asked the newspaper readers, “Have you noticed the Red Bud trees in blossom in Beckley Club? Have you noticed that the wild flowers are beginning to show, and do you know that from now until June there will be a succession of wild blossoms in Beckley Club?” Most streets in the subdivision were permanently paved, thousands of trees lined its winding roads and view lots, massive concrete dams, and waterfalls characterized the three spring-fed lakes that were stocked with fish. Special importance was given to the fact that the subdivision was restricted to specific building materials: brick, hollow tile, and stucco. In April 1926, Temple wrote, “Don’t let the silver-tongued orator or the glowing generalities in the newspaper advertisements blind you to the real, intrinsic value of the property offered. Investigate before you invest!” All properties were to include membership in the club (fishing, bathing, and boating). There was even a model brick cottage, completed and ready for occupancy.

Initial Description of Beckley Club Estates

A first description of Beckley Club is to be found in the Classifieds section of the Dallas Morning News of June 14, 1925 (section VI, page 11) and is titled “Unique! Unusual! Different!”. The advertisement reads: “Without question or doubt, everybody agrees that Beckley Club Addition is the one outstanding real estate development in Dallas today. All others are commonplace by comparison. If you are not informed, you might question these statements. To these we mention briefly the features about Beckley Club, which justify our claims.

Lakes – Within the boundaries of Beckley Club Addition are three beautiful lakes. At large expense massive concrete dams have been built, creating these lakes within rock banks and bordered with a variety of native trees and shrubbery. The lakes are fed by springs and will be stocked with fish. The two smaller lakes will be sold outright with the lots which border on them so that these lot owners can fish and swim on their own grounds.

Club Features – The largest of the three lakes, together with the wooded park surrounding it, will be owned by the Beckley Fishing, Bathing and Boating Club. To each lot purchaser there will be issued a share of stock in this club without cost. All lot owners in Beckley Club Addition will enjoy the privileges of this club, such as fishing, bathing and boating, right at home. What would be finer on a hot summer morning than to don your bathing suit in your own bathroom, run out the front door, and jump in Lake Helen, fed by springs and fourteen feet deep? In the late afternoon, you would enjoy a boat ride with the family and on holidays, a couple of hours’ fishing would be time pleasantly and profitably spent!

BCE Advertisement, 1926

Trees – Thousands of native trees and shrubs cover many of the lots in Beckley Club. It truly is the tree lovers’ paradise. Oak, elm, hackberry, cedar, ash, black haw, wild plum, etc. abound. The trees on some lots are actually worth the price of the lots! Winding Drives and Parkways – In order to conserve the wonderful tree growth and to create “view lots”, the streets on Beckley Club wind in and out among the trees and around the cliffs, here and there forming small parkways, thus making of this addition something “different” from the ordinary lot subdivision.

Improvements and Restrictions – All streets in Beckley Club will be permanently paved and all other conveniences installed, such as sewer, water, gas, lights. Dwellings must be constructed of brick, brick veneer, stucco, and hollow tile, varying in cost according to location.

Prices and Terms – One would naturally think that with all these unusual, expensive features, the prices of lots would be excessive, or at least equal to those of other highly improved additions. Such is not the case. Our prices range from $1,475 to $2,750 for lots ranging in width from 50 to 100 feet! Terms are only $100 to $200 cash and balance in monthly payments on principal of $15 to $25 for five years. These prices and terms are a real sensation, considering the value of these wonderful lots, but my idea of a successful subdivision is one that sells quickly and where the original purchasers have an opportunity to resell at a profit if they so desire. In other words, I prefer to sell quickly and make a smaller profit rather than to hold the lots for their full value and take a longer time to sell. Prices will be advanced as improvements go in.

How to Go – Drive south on Beckley Avenue to Twin Bridges. Beckley Club is on the left. Look for Japanese clubhouse in center of lake. Salesmen on ground all day every day. S.A. Temple, Owner, Office in Clubhouse on Island”.

Poetic Description

On November 14, 1926, the Dallas Morning News published another announcement by developer S.A. Temple (Classifieds, Section VI, page 9), titled “The Glory of Autumn Woods”. The advertisement reads, “Lovers of nature and the great outdoors will get a genuine “kick” out of a drive out South Beckley Avenue and through Beckley Club Addition, located at Twin Bridges.

The master artist “Jack Frost” has recently visited the woods of Beckley Club and, with a brush not to be equaled by human hands, has painted an autumn woodland scene of hills and dales, across lakes and about bridges that fairly make one gasp if he has within him the divine spark of appreciation of genuine beauty.

The colors are riotous in the extreme, there being much red, yellow, brown, green and purple, and these colors in the tree foliage, contrasted with the rippling lakes, and white concrete of arched bridges creates a picture never to be forgotten.

During the past week, several artists of Dallas have been sketching in Beckley Club Addition, endeavoring to place upon canvas these wonderful panoramas of form and color, but they cannot even hope to do full justice to these gorgeous scenes.

Ideal Home Place – Why not make your permanent home in this famed beauty spot? Easiest thing imaginable. Lots are of various sizes, many covered with trees and some with frontage on private lakes, and range in price from $1,475 to $2,775. Terms are easy and extend over a five-year period.

Will build at Cost – Upon reasonable down payment on lot I will finance the building of your home without brokerage or charge of any kind. You cannot do better elsewhere. Look for my announcement in next Sunday’s paper. Salesmen on the ground. S.A. Temple, Owner”.