Utilities Guidelines

Water Ordinance

A new City ordinance went into effect in April of 2012, making a twice weekly watering schedule permanent (see table for details). The permanent schedule is a proactive water conservation measure. It will extend our water supply and possibly delay more restrictive watering measures when the next drought comes. Outdoor watering accounts for approximately 30% of the total annual water use.

Watering Schedule

It is prohibited to water between 10 AM and 6 PM from April 1 to October 31. This restriction applies to automatic or in-ground irrigation systems and hose-end sprinklers only. Drip irrigation, soaker hoses, and hand-watering are allowed any day and any hour.

Please maintain your sprinkler system and do not allow it to run off into driveways, sidewalks, and streets. Remember that automatic sprinkler systems are required to have rain and freeze sensors installed. Keep an eye on your water usage: if you exceed 15,000 gallons per month, you will pay a surcharge.

Do not forget, if you give your lawn one inch of water every five to seven days, the water will sink in and encourage the roots to grow stronger.Deep and infrequent watering is key to keeping your lawn healthy and your water costs under control all summer long. So here is a simple tip: place a few empty tuna cans in your yard in the pattern of your sprinkler's spray. As you water, avoid runoff by pausing to allow water to absorb if necessary. Once the tuna cans are full, your lawn has had enough. Your grass will get a good drink, and you will save money and water.

Gas Piping Maintenance and Emergency Information

Natural gas in its raw state has no smell or color. That is why gas companies add a "rotten egg" odor to make you aware if gas is leaking. If you smell gas, leave the area immediately and tell others to leave, too.

  • Do not turn on or off any electric switch; this could cause a spark, igniting the gas.
  • Do not use your telephone, cellular phone, garage door opener or even a flashlight.
  • Do not smoke, use a lighter or strike a match.
  • Do not start or stop a nearby vehicle or machinery.
  • Do not attempt to turn natural gas valves on or off.

Once safely out of the area, call Atmos Energy's toll-free emergency number, 1.866.322.8667. The company will send a trained technician to investigate. Alternatively, call 911.

Your are responsible for any natural gas piping from your meter to your house or business and on your property. Your buried gas piping should be inspected annually for leaks. A licensed plumber or qualified contractor can locate, inspect, and repair buried piping on your property. If corrosion or a dangerous condition is discovered, the piping should be repaired as soon as possible.