Code Compliance

Please follow Dallas City Code and ensure the safety and beauty of the Beckley Club Estates subdivision.

Brush Collection/Bulky Trash (Section 18-4)

This once-a-month large item (includes large limbs, shrubbery, bagged leaves-sealed in bags up to 50-gallon capacity, furniture, appliances, mattresses and box springs, etc.) is operated by Sanitation. The City does not collect debris from construction, demolition or clearing of land unless an additional fee has been paid. Additionally, no dirt, rock or concrete will be removed. No material may be placed out front earlier than the 7:00 a.m. on Thursday prior to collection week, and must be in place by 7:00 a.m. the Monday of the pick up week. Violations of our bulky trash ordinance are immediately ticketed.

Litter and High Grass/Weeds (Section 7A-18/Section 18-13(a))

Homeowners or tenants are responsible for keeping their lawns mowed, clipped mulched or cleared and the property free of litter (garbage, paper, cardboard, wood, glass, bedding, auto parts, appliances, limbs, etc.). The property must be maintained between the curb in front of the house (or if no curb then from the edge of the pavement) to the middle of the alley (or the back property line if there is no alley). Weeds or grass more than 12 inches high is a violation of the City Code. Failure to do so may result in a court citation and/or a bill for the City's mowing services. Click here to download the Anti Litter Presentation by the City of Dallas.

Obstructions (Section 18-14)

The occupant or owner is responsible for keeping the street, alley, sidewalk and public grounds clear of obstructions. This includes the trimming of trees, shrubbery and vines which may obstruct any vehicle traveling through an alley, or which may obstruct a sidewalk or street or other public grounds. Additionally, sidewalks must have a height clearance of 8 feet – streets and alleys must have 15 feet of overhead clearance. Take advantage of the City's Bulky Trash Program by trimming trees and shrubbery to coincide with your legal Bulky Trash Week.

Illegal Storage (Section 51A-4.217(b)(6))

Any item that is not customarily used or stored outside or is not made of material that is resistant to damage or deterioration from exposure to the outdoors cannot be placed outside on your property. This ordinance applies to items stored on the front or rear yard of the property or on an open porch or carport. Exceptions include motor vehicles on improved surface, lawn furniture and landscaping items.


A fence and screening wall must be structurally sound.  It must be capable of supporting its own weight.  It must be properly maintained and not out of vertical alignment more than one (1) foot from the vertical. Fences in single family district may not exceed four (4) feet above grade when located in the required front yard. Fences in a required yard may not exceed nine (9) feet in height. A Master Permit is required to erect any fence or wall over four (4) feet high in the front yard or over six (6) feet high if located elsewhere on private property. Fences must provide fire-fighting access to the side and rear yard.

Graffiti (Section 31-38(b))

Defined as any marking, including, but not limited to, any inscription, slogan, drawing, painting, symbol, logo name character, or figure that is made in any manner on tangible property. An owner of any tangible property in the City commits an offense if he/she fails to remove all graffiti from the property that is visible from any public property or right-of-way or from any private property other than the property on which the graffiti exists. Statistics prove that removing graffiti quickly may avoid the graffiti from re-appearing. Owners will be issued a Notice of Violation and a timeframe to remove the graffiti. Failure to remove the graffiti may result in a citation. Painting graffiti, also known as "tagging", is a crime. If you see someone tagging property please call 911 immediately. If you see graffiti in your neighborhood, please report it to the Department of Code Compliance. You can either call 311 or make a service request online.

Junk Motor Vehicle (Section 18-20)

Motor vehicles that are inoperative and/or partially dismantled and have expired license tags or safety stickers are considered "junk motor vehicles". These vehicles are in violation of the City Code. Owners of the vehicles and all lien holders will be notified of the violation by certified mail. Should the owner fail to remove the junk motor vehicle from the property or prove the vehicle operable, the vehicle will be towed and sold for salvage. Owners may store inoperable vehicles in a garage to avoid towing. Please note: Code Compliance only addresses vehicles on private property. If the vehicle is on the street, the Dallas Police Department has jurisdiction. You can either call 311 or make a service request online.

Parking on an Approved Surface (Section 51A-4.301(d)(5))

Motor vehicles must be parked on an approved surface which is defined as concrete, asphalt or 6 inches of gravel with a border surrounding the gravel where permitted. It is a violation to park a vehicle on the lawn. Vehicles should be parked on a driveway or on the street were permitted. Violations are immediately ticketed. You can either call 311 or make a service request online.

Substandard Structure (Section 27-11(b))

Property owners are required to keep structures in good repair. Peeling paint, leaking roof, electrical and plumbing problems, holes in the wall, floor and ceiling, and decayed wood are building violations.

Open and Vacant Structure (Section 27-11(a)(6))

An owner must keep the doors and windows of a vacant structure or vacant portion of a structure securely closed to prevent unauthorized entry. Notice will be posted near the front door of the structure, should the property be found unsecured. The City will secure the structure at the owner's expense, if the owner does not secure the structure. The owner will be billed for the cost of securing any unsecured structures.

Standing Water (Section 27-11(a)(4) and 19-30)

The owner is responsible for providing drainage to prevent standing water, flooding on the property and/or mosquito breeding.

Signs (Section 3, 7A-16 and 51A)

It is a violation of the City code to post any signs (notices, posters or other paper devices) on a utility pole, lamp post, shade tree; public structure or building or on the City's right-of-way or median except as may be authorized or required by law. This includes garage sale signs.

Garage Sales (Section 51A-4.217(b)(9))

The City of Dallas permits two garage sales each year per property. The sale may last no longer than three days and a person cannot sell merchandise acquired solely for resale purposes in the garage sale. A sign advertising the sale can only be placed on the property were the sale is occurring. Garage sale signs may not be placed on property other than where the garage sale is occurring. No signs are permitted in the right-of-way or in the median. Signs placed other than on the property where the sale is occurring may be removed and/or ticketed.

Home Occupation (Section 51A-4.217(b)(8))

Persons who have a home occupation in residentially zoned area may not employ more than 2 persons other than the occupants of the residence, may not use a sign, advertisement or display on or off the premises. You may not generate loud and raucous noise or excessive traffic that interferes with the public peace and comfort. Selling, offering or advertising products on the premise is prohibited. A Notice of Violation is issued prior to a citation being issued.

Mandatory Watering Guidelines (Section 49-21.1(b)(c))

It is a violation of the City Code to water a lawn or landscape in a manner that wastes water or causes runoff including causing water to fall on sidewalks, driveways, or other areas not lawns or landscapes. You must maintain your irrigation system to prevent waste by repairing broken, missing, or misdirected sprinkler heads. Watering is prohibited during any type of precipitation, may only occur on the days set forth in the twice weekly watering schedule, and is prohibited between June 1 – September 30 between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Hand watering and soaker hoses are allowed at any time. Rain and Freeze sensors are required on all automatic sprinkler systems.

Curfew Hours for Minors (Section 31.33)

DDallas City Code explicitily defines curfew hours for minors under 17 years of age from 11:00pm until 6:00am of the following day on any day of the week. A minor commmits an offense if he remains, lingers, or stays in any public place or on the premises of any establishment, privately or publicly owned, within the city during curfew hours, and fails to leave premises when requested to do so by a police officer, or the owner, operator, or other person in control of the premises. A parent or guardian of a minor commits an offense if he knowingly permits, or by insufficient control allows, the minor to violate the curfew. The owner, operator or any employee of publicly or privately owned establishments commits an offense if he knowingly allows a minor to violate the curfew. A person who violates a provision of this chapter is guilty of a separate offense for each day or part of a day during which the violation is committed, continued, or permitted. Each offense, upon conviction, is punishable by a fine not to exceed $500. When required by Section 51.08 of the Texas Family Code, as amended, the municipal court shall waive original jurisdiction over a minor who violates this section and shall refer the minor to juvenile court. This section expires on May 1, 2009, unless sooner terminated or extended by city council ordinance.

Loud and disturbing noises and vibrations (Section 30-1)

It is an offense: to play any radio, phonograph, television, or musical instrument with such volume as to disturb the peace, quiet, comfort, or repose of persons in any type of residence; the continuous barking, howling, crowing, or making of other loud noises by an animal for more than 15 minutes near a private residence; any construction activity, without written permit, related to erection ,excavation, demolition, alteration or repair of any building or adjacent to residential use between the hours of 7:00am and 7:00pm Monday through Friday, and 8:00am and 7:00pm on Saturdays and legal holidays; the operation of sound equipment, including a car stereo, in a motor vehicle in such a manner that the noise is so audible or causes such a vibration as to unreasonably disturb the peace, quiet, or comfort of another person. You can call 311 or make a service request online.